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(French) (French)

14 jours, 12 nuits

14 Days, 12 Nights

WEB-RiP 1080p


2019 Canada Drama
  • Réalisation: Jean-Philippe Duval
  • Acteur(s): Anne Dorval, François Papineau, Leanna Chea, Hiep Tran Nghia
  • Durée: 1h 39min
  • Date de sortie: 6 March 2020 (Canada)
  • Lien: 14 jours, 12 nuits
  • Bande-annonce: Bande Annonce 14 jours, 12 nuits

  • Taille:3.47 Go

Synopsis et détails

14 jours, 12 nuits is a movie starring Anne Dorval, François Papineau, and Leanna Chea. Isabelle Brodeur embarks on a journey to Vietnam, her adopted daughter's birthplace. Her path leads her to the woman who was once her daughter's...

Nom de la release:14.Jours.12.Nuits.2020.FRENCH.1080p.WEB.H264-AVC

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